Today's Workout

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WOD – March 24th

Hey Guys! We’re back on our WODS here and the following is today’s workout!

Make sure you have a child or a dog around so you can use them when the time comes!!!

Warm up: 3 sets of 30 seconds per exercise rotated in a circuit style set up

1. Jumping Jacks
2. High Knees
3. Alternating Lunges
4. Mountain Climbers

Now we’re going to do a 10-9-8-7 series
You have to perform each exercise all the way down to 1. Rotate each exercise so you complete all 10 of each.

You will perform:
1. Jump Squats
2. Jump Lunges (10 per leg, Darren … lol)
3. Burpees

Then… 5×5 Squats with your dog or child *hold them on your chest and use them as front squats*

Then… use your child if they are still willing and have them hold on to both of your arms… try to deadlift them … *i recommend children under 70 lbs for this exercise LOL
3×5 for this challenge.

Once you have completed your squats and deadlifts (if you have weights at home feel free to add them instead of a child or dog) you will now do the sally squat challenge!!!

Song: Flower by Moby. Put it on youtube and let it stream as you do 3.5 minutes of squats. Weighted or not, it’s going to burn!!

Cheers guys!