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Today's Workout


March 31st WOD

Warm up 45 seconds on 30 seconds off: Jogging on the spot alternating lunges lateral push ups crunches plank jogging on the spot


March 30th WOD

Warm Up: 1 min skip 10 squats 10 banded deadlifts 10 banded rows per arm 10 lateral jumps (speed skaters) Repeat 5x



Sunday WOD – Static Yogi-ish recovery for the week!

Guys lets use Sunday to sweat mindfully and get ready for the week.

Lets follow this protocol to keep moving…. or holding LOL


Weekend WOD – Cardio and Core

Todays workout is more of a cardio circuit, we’re doing two rounds of the 7 exercise circuit

40 second movement (1-7) Followed by 10...

March 26th WOD – Moves and Mobility

Well today is special… why?

Well if you don’t know how to do a torreando pass, you’re going to learn today mom and dad!

WOD March 25th – Easy Gleason

First we will start with the warm up before we jump into all of this craziness….

If you have DB’s or KB, perhaps...

WOD – March 24th

Hey Guys! We’re back on our WODS here and the following is today’s workout!

Make sure you have a child or a dog around...

WOD March 21st – EMOM


EMOM DAY 2:  EMOM is a training protocol that requires you to complete an exercise for a certain amount of reps under...

Jiu Jitsu Solo Warm Up Drills

Kevin Wheeler demonstrates some warm ups Jiu Jitsu Solo Drills to keep the body moving and continue building muscle...

Jiu Jitsu – Triangle from closed guard

Jiu Jitsu Technique Series – 2

Fernando “Gringo” Zulick and Janine Mocaiber demonstrate a triangle from closed...



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