Today's Workout

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Sunday WOD – Static Yogi-ish recovery for the week!

Guys lets use Sunday to sweat mindfully and get ready for the week.

Lets follow this protocol to keep moving…. or holding LOL

1 min walk out keeping tension on the hamstrings
1 min downward dog pose, chatarunga (not sure? visit this link
one min lunge hold hands up high over head
then switch your lunge to having hands on the floor, and rotating one hand up to the ceiling to stretch your spine

Now, switch sides for your lunge, and then repeat the spine stretch on the opposite side.

We have 6 minutes here in these 4 movements, so we’re going to repeat them 3 times in a flow for a total of 18 minutes.

We will then move into a static squat hold – you will hold the squat for 30 seconds with your hands up above your head. When you finish your 30 seconds, reach for your toes, and give yourself a hug around your knees for another 30 seconds. Repeat 3x

Lets finish with a bit of core.
30 second hollow holds (or the bottom of a v up) if you cant keep your lower back glued to the floor, use your hands under your butt. bring yourself in to a ball and rock back and forth 10x. Then repeat the hollow hold for a total of 3 sets and 10 rocks between each.

Finish with 2 minutes of mindful corpse. take deep breaths and close your eyes.

We’re not all yogis here by any means but this will be a good one to sweat a bit and relax the body for the work this week to come!!