Today's Workout

Action & Reaction is closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will keep you posted when we are open!

March 30th WOD

Warm Up:
1 min skip
10 squats
10 banded deadlifts
10 banded rows per arm
10 lateral jumps (speed skaters)
Repeat 5x


Let’s break up the following into a giant set. You will count your reps but move through each exercise like a circuit, then once finished, repeat 3x.

1. Ladder drills using your skipping rope to make your square
(2 feet in, 2 feet out) 4 step in and out – 100 step count (25 full completed reps)
2. 15 Weighted Thrusters
3. 15 Romanian Deadlifts
4. 30 KB Hop overs *or hop over an object laterally if you don’t have weight*
5. 10/ARM Renegade Rows (10 push ups between) * do 2 rows per side at a time before switching, and one push up between every single side switch
6. 30 Alternating or walking lunges
7. 10 Devils Press
8. 15 Ab Roll Outs or Plank Up&Downs (elbows to hands)

Cool down 5 mins with a walk around your block or stay at home and grab some water and stretch it out!!