Today's Workout

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March 26th WOD – Moves and Mobility

Well today is special… why?

Well if you don’t know how to do a torreando pass, you’re going to learn today mom and dad!

We’re hosting on zoom at 4pm EST
Join us below:
Warm up…
Get a chair, or a person, place them on the ground. hands on either side and you’re going to do 1 min of torreando passes to start your warm up.

1. Torreando Pass drill with chair or partner

2. 20 body weight squats nice and slow to the height of the chair seat. Dont sit on it!!! Just touch

You’re going to repeat 1 min torreando drills and 20 squats for 3 rounds as your first component of the warm up

Second component:

1. Technical stand up/Turkish Get Up – we’re going to perform 5 on each side

2. 10 walk outs with a push up at the bottom

repeat this one for 3 rounds as well

then it’s time for the hurricane….

8 mins total working time,1 min at each station with 30 seconds rest between rounds for a total of 12 mins of work.

  1. side shuffle from wall to wall, sprawling at each side
  2. weighted turkish get up/technical  stand up Рgo one for one for sides
  3. plank “up and downs” from elbows to hands
  4. can-can kicks with your hands in the crab walk position
  5. Pop squats
  6. high knee burpees
  7. stairs (if you only have a couple stairs because you’re in a bungalow, just run up and down the one stair, two up, two down
  8. Sprawl to sit out (sprawl, sit out to the left, sit out to the right, stand back up, repeat)

    Once you finish the hurricane round, get some rest. you’re going to need about 3 minutes before we move on to the next chapter

    Yeah surprise… it’s a good one
    10 clap push ups
    1 Devil Press
    9 clap push ups
    2 Devil Press

    You get the idea – down to 1 push up and 10 devil press !!!

    Lets get it guys!