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William Celis reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

This club practice what they preach. The instructors are former fighter champions , actives in the sport , stay in shape, know how to teach and they transmit all that to our kids , while they learn the arts of the sport, they learn how to respect the opponent, they help each other as well as they want to teach there new little friends cause they become true team players.
Strength , knowledge ,endurance , discipline, fun and friendship . That’s pretty much Action and Reaction

Andrew Kolar reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

Great place to train, Gringo is a awesome instructor and his team is amazing. I would recommend this gym to anyone serious or interested in training Jiu Jitsu.

Ryan Jr Fleming reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

This place is the real deal. Toronto has a lot of amazing academies and this is defiantly one. If you live in the area I highly recommend training here. If your in the neighbourhood and have time to train make sure you visit.

Jeff Santos reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

It's an amazing club to train at, great environment for both adults & kids, I love that I can train mornings or evening or even both and the amount of training partners of all levels is crazy in a good way.
My advice, try it out your self don't just take my word for it.

Breno Damiere JJ reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

The best gym in Toronto 🥋

Marianela Espina reviewed Action & Reaction MMA
via Facebook

Great place for kids to learn discipline and create friendships.The instructors are so dedicated to teach not only techniques for Jiu Jitsu and boxing spending extra time with a student if needed, but also good lessons and values for life such as respect for others and friendship.
They don't push you to compete, you do it when you are ready and feel confident.
If you want an academy for your kid where he/she can learn having fun in a great place then try Action & Reaction.

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Athletes – Staying Strong Mentally vs Covid-19

I know that as athletes we all constantly want more. We want to be more successful, we want to be better at a certain skill… but we don’t know how to approach our mental game. Self defeat is one of the most common things that affects teams, individual athletes and people in general. If you truly believe you cant, then you wont. But if you change the way you think, you’ll be surprised what you can pull out of your hat.

Lets start with identifying some core beliefs:
You are a great athlete
You are strong
You have what it takes to be a champion

Instill that into your brain, and then we get a little deeper.

Be productive when expending mental energy.
Prepare for the forecast. Do not worry about the forecast.
-ie weekends, if you’re doing something you need to prepare for it
-save your energy for solving problems and working on goals rather than stressing

Use productive thoughts
Think about training as becoming better in the area of practice rather than another thing on your agenda
Be aware of your thinking and do not build negative outlooks on yourself
-I can’t, I’m tired – bullshit. Change the tone. Now you can say “ I will, and I’ll do it faster than the last time

Get comfortable being uncomfortable
Accept your feelings and don’t let them control your mind
Sometimes you have to take charge and do something different than what you believe. Trust the plan.
Be the person you want to become, don’t wish to be them.

Take note how far you’ve come.
Look at the journey so far rather than the journey left to go. Move forward with force and improve on your improvements

Start acting like you deserve to be on the top of the podium, put your mental game on the forefront of your agenda. If you’re facing resistance from your self, make sure you have someone in your corner who is going to keep you up when you feel like you’re headed down.

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